Photography in the Mountains

When Mr. Wordsworth happened to notice daffodils, he must have wished he had a camera with him. Had he had a camera with him, I’m pretty sure his poem would’ve been much beautified with him having captured his muse on the camera. Unfortunately, the great artist was not a photographer. You on the other hand are a travel photographer – while you may not be blessed with Wordsworth’s poetic charm, you are still an artist – one who captures life in a moment for an eternity.

Photography in the mountains: Let the music come alive

How glorious a greeting sun gives the mountains and those who live in the mountains! As a travel photographer, it you’ve travelling in the mountains, you are in for a visual treat and there is no way you are going to not picture it. You camera has to be in perfect sync with your eyes and your ears need to be in perfect sync with music that inspires your artistic abilities. Carrying your music with you to the mountains as a photographer would make for a perfect setting.  I have always felt at peace in the wilderness of the mountains when I’ve plugged in my wireless speaker.


I have often taken some of the most refreshing pictures with music flowing in my ears through to my soul. Of course, it isn’t metal music – that is for head banging dudes (you cannot afford to head bang if you’re taking a picture, can you?) but music that flows calm and swift – perhaps something like Carbon Based Life Forms or Entheogenic. Ambient music would be your best bet but blues or jazz too take the cake when it comes to ‘music for photography’.

The mountains would take you to endless trails and your legs wouldn’t tire, simply because of the wonderful scenery around you and the music brewing in your head to calm your nerves. Focus on the leafy waves of shades, the gushing river by your side and the melodious chirps in the air to find your best work.

I believe that if your first photography assignment is out there in the mountains, you are bound to have a heavy and a better learning experience. Soothing senses and a calm mind makes way for a firm hand and an aesthetic eye. All you need to do is wander around in the mountains and hold close to your speaker to get the best clicks.

Your thoughts they know not,
Your thoughts they’d like to see,
Much like your camera’s next shot.


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