Photography Ideas And Projects

I see potential in basically everything I look at because the simplest thing can make for the best photo, no matter what it is. I like looking at objects and “picturing” them so that I can get an idea of what the result would be. If the result works, I use that object as my next project which usually comes out perfect. One of my next projects include antique lamps. These lamps makes for great photos, especially with the antique motif and background.


The Antique Motif

One of the popular trends of the 21st century is redecorating the home with an antique motif. And a part of that antique look often includes antique floor lamps throughout the home, in select spots. They play an important part in creating anything from a Victorian to a colonial theme in your house.

You’ll find antique floor lamps in a variety of shapes, styles and designs. There’s something that will match nearly any preference, all while adding a dash of elegance to your home that will complement your antique furniture wonderfully. A typical antique, for instance, antique brass floor lamps, differs from other lamps because they are styled more ornately and often have antique glass lamp shades.

True Or Replica

As you are lamp shopping, one of your first decisions will be deciding whether to buy a true antique or to buy a modern replica. Either one might suit your needs, since many of the replicas look quite authentic and they are usually much more affordable. The better replicas are made to look just like an authentic antique.

On the other hand, an authentic antique lamp often has a historical value that a reproduction won’t have. It’s even possible that the true antique was used by an important person or once stayed in a building of historic significance. The one drawback, though, is that this authentic antique will likely cost you more money. Plus you’ll often have to have it restored to look nice enough to display in your home.


The replica antique lamp, you can find at most lamp stores, warehouse stores and home improvement stores. For an authentic antique, however, you’ll need to look in specialized places, such as Internet auction sites, at flea markets, antique stores, etc. The pricing on true antiques near you locally will be hit or miss. You’ll normally find the best prices by searching online. And nothing beats an online search if you’re searching for something really specific. No matter how often you look at your local antique store, you might never find any antique brass pharmaceutical floor lamps but online, you probably can.

Restoring These Lamps

One thing you need to make sure of, if you choose to go with authentic antiques, is that you’re fully equipped to restore and repair them. This will mean that you will possibly need several replacement parts for it. Do you have them or can you easily find antique lamp parts? That’s an important consideration as to whether you should buy the lamp.

If, on the other hand, you choose to go with a modern manufacturer of antique style lamps, choose a name that is highly regarded in the field. Kathy Ireland lamps, for instance, are top of the line.

Antique lamps are just part of the project I am going to do. This will be the first step to a whole vintage, antique as well as a rustic look. There are so many different things you can do with these themes, just play around a bit, you’ll get the idea.

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