Keeping Your Muse Alive

There have always been moments when a photographer brings his creative best out and amuses himself. The problem is that for a lot of us, these moments are short-lived – much like a flash of genius. Once you have given out your best work to the world the expectations always run high. To cater to these expectations a photographer must always keep improving. To do this, a photographer needs some food for creative thought. Nature in its prime is the most inspirational muse you can ever.

Do you remember the time you used to practice on your Kazam balance bike to perfect the art of balancing. With a photographer striving to make it big, it is very important to find the perfect balancing act. The right balance between work and creative thoughts is a must. If you make a trip to lush green fields and live there for a while, you would probably be able to come back with a fresh outlook to life – thus helping your work get better.

Source : Babble Bikes

Source : Babble Bikes

A way that does not include thoughts of balance bike includes reading. Surprisingly, reading has helped a lot of photographers improve their work. Right from fiction to Terence McKenna’s psychedelic works, you can find absolutely everything in the world of books to enhance your creativity and keep your work going with better motivation.

Taking breaks is much under-rated. A good break can de-stress and can help the mind think in a different way altogether. A short trip down the beach over a weekend has been scientifically identified as one of the best ways to free your mind of obnoxious thoughts. Hills come second in the list and are absolutely refreshing for a mountain person. You can simply drive down to one of these places and set up a camp – to be under the sky with only your thoughts for company. Silence is golden and sometimes all you need is some silence.

As a budding photographer, it is highly recommended for you to spend a few weeks with a good and experienced photographer. Living with an experienced photographer would help you learn the tricks of the trade and get a hang of how they manage to come up with fantastic work time and again. You needn’t necessarily lead a similar lifestyle but can definitely pick up a lot from a senior member of the fraternity.

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