Getting Creative With Wedding Photography

As a photographer, you get the chance to take shots of basically anything that inspires you or catches your photographer’s eye. Once you get to the point where people recognise your work, they will become more interested in you as a professional photographer and will start hiring you to do professional shoots. This is the most rewarding part of photography as it gives you that little extra to go further and take your photography along the career path to success.

Getting Hired As A Professional Wedding Photographer

When planning a wedding, the most important part is hiring a professional wedding photographer. You do not want your big day to just be a distant memory. You want that special memory to play out in front of you like a story, a story with images of the happiest day of your life. These images need to be of the greatest quality so that it can take you back to where it all began.


Experiences Of A Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is not only there to make sure that the special day is captured on film, they are also there to experience the wedding itself. They have to see what the newly weds see and capture what the newly weds would want the photographer to capture. The only way to do this is to truly live in the moment.

Enjoying What You Capture

A great example of truly living in the moment of a wedding is the venue and theme of the wedding. Caribbean weddings makes for some of the best venues, as the beautiful sights of the Caribbean is inspiration in itself.

Capturing A Caribbean Wedding

Many couples like the idea of Caribbean weddings because they are tropical and have a relaxed feel. Some couples may even take a cruise to the Caribbean for their wedding. Many cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean can offer complete packages for groups of wedding guests. Guests can relax in the lap of luxury on the cruise ship before reaching their destination and attending the wedding ceremony.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

A Royal Caribbean cruise is a great way to travel to a Caribbean island such as the Bahamas, Belize or St. Maarten. There are many cruises ranging from three nights to seven nights. A couple can choose how long they want the vacation to last. These cruises often have different ports of call on different islands. A couple can choose which island they are most attracted to and will be the island where the wedding ceremony will take place where the photographer can take photos. The couple can also plan group excursions with the guests on other ports of call.


Choosing The Wedding Venue

Before looking into a luxury cruise, the wedding couple should first decide the site that they think will make a great atmosphere for the wedding ceremony. The couple can start to research the characteristics of the many different Caribbean islands before deciding where the wedding will take place. Islands such as St. Lucia or the Cayman Islands can make great and beautiful backdrops for wedding photos. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and tropical, allowing even a luxury wedding to have an informal feel to it.

Resorts And Hotels

Caribbean weddings can be performed at resorts, hotels or on the beach itself. There are many resorts that have wedding planners and wedding packages available for purchase by couples. These packages can allow a couple to not have to worry about the planning process. Since the resort workers have planned and executed many weddings in the location, they are able to know the ins and outs of decorating and performing the ceremony without any problems. When purchasing a wedding package, however, the couple should pay attention to what is included in the package. If the couple has a specific location picked out, they should make sure that is the location where the ceremony will take place. If a couple needs to substitute food items or locations in a wedding package, the price is subject to change, so the details should be worked out before a bottom line price is agreed upon.

Caribbean weddings can be memorable and fun occasions for couples and their wedding guests. Since there are many islands and resorts to choose from, a couple should first research what is offered at each island. Royal Caribbean cruises are an option for a couple and their wedding guests who want to travel in luxury to the island. They can also make for a joyous time with friends and family members that a couple will never forget.

Beach Wedding Ideas And Planning

Planning a beach wedding may seem overwhelming for couples because there are many unpredictable factors such as the weather and other beachgoers. However, if a couple can stick to a checklist and receive tips from professionals or those who are experienced with beach weddings, the process should be fun and easy. Beach wedding ideas can be found online or from different married couples who have already performed a beach wedding ceremony. Many couples find they can get creative when planning a beach wedding because it can easily be personalized with a few imaginative ideas and make a great setting for wedding photos.


Checklists And Planning

After choosing a venue and developing ideas about the beach wedding, a couple should make a checklist of all the things that will be needed on the big day. Travelling to a venue and setting up the location without help can sometimes be overwhelming for couples so it is important for them to stay organized. If the planning and setup just seem like too much to handle on the day of the wedding, a couple can hire a wedding planner or a set up crew to help with the workload and organizing. A couple that hires a professional wedding planner can also get tips and suggestions about the set up and overall flow of the wedding ceremony and also which photographer they can use. Many wedding planners have experience with beach weddings and they should be able to offer ideas for couples that are stumped on the details of the wedding.

Setting Up On The Beach

Some couples may dismiss a beach wedding as too casual or not luxurious enough for what they envisioned of their wedding day. However, with the help of a professional wedding planner and a nicely sized budget, a couple can still achieve the luxury and elegance of a beautiful inside wedding while on the beach. Beautiful tents can be rented and decorated for a cocktail hour on the beach before the ceremony. A runner can also signify the “aisle” for the wedding ceremony and flower arches can be installed in the sand for the altar of the ceremony. There are many beach wedding ideas that can make the wedding feel extremely lavish for a couple who doesn’t want a casual wedding.

A wedding planner can also suggest the timing and places to take the best photographs so the beauty of the beach is captured in the pictures.

As you can see, beach weddings or Caribbean weddings make the perfect venues for the most beautiful wedding photos. A variety of themes can also be chosen especially for beach or tropical weddings and the photographer will have more to work with. As a wedding photographer, you have the luxury to be part of so much and the inspiration will flow through you every step of the way. It also makes a great portfolio for your next shoot and you will get recognised for your attention to detail and happy clients.

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